The Trestle Part 1
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Narration by: Gary Kohler, 2010
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Sanctioned 1971
Part #1
Begin Title Hdr-m tt-Theme Music + Statement
Presentation-m Presentation
Section 1 Validation
Section 2 The Child's Strength
Section 3 How Little I Knew
Section 4-m Stirring Realization
Section 5 We Strive To Learn
Section 6-m Who Is Worthy to Prospect
Section 7 Diluted Purpose
Section 8 Safeguards
Section 9-m The Mystification
Section 10 Possessions
Section 11 Empty Vault
Section 12-m The Intrinsic God
Section 13 Not A License
Section 14 Enhanced Opportunities
Section 15 One Reason
Section 16-m Ability of Sight
1st Intermission-m Music
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